M Learning: Enhancing Quality Learning Experience

The economic restraints inspired Sundeep Gupta to excel in the field of education. At the age of 13, he started teaching students of lower grade to manage his studies; this was also as a method to balance the arc of his family expenses. As time progressed in 1997 he graduated from IIT Kharagpur. Amidst all the crucial junctures in his life where passion met prestigious job, Gupta rejected the offer from Price Waterhouse Coopers Associates, UK to begin his own coaching classes in Indore called Gupta Tutorials where he trained IIT-JEE and AIPMT aspirants.

Gupta with his life time experience and achievements in tutoring space understood the psychology of the students much better than anyone. Unlike any other coaching institutes, he did not follow the realm of conventional classes and practice by test series. Instead in 2011 he launched a virtual education platform for students and coined it as M Learning India.

The Idea behind Hi-tech Learning

It was in 2010 when a friend of Gupta who was passionate about gadgets bought a newly launched Samsung Galaxy tab worth INR 35,000. He showed him a movie clip and Gupta, pretty much impressed by the quality of the video, thought, “If movies can be played in such a good quality on a tablet, then why not educational video lectures?”

Since Gupta Tutorials used to run conventional classes for 20 years, Gupta and his team had a fair idea of the pros and cons of operating in the space. They envisioned providing quality education to students by enhancing the learning experience to next level. Gupta conceptualized the idea and paved way to virtual teaching by usage of mobile and tablet PC. “At the start, we tried to balance the conventional classes and virtual education. It turns out to be a very tedious process. So, we decided to quit the concept of conventional classes and started solely focusing on virtual education,” says Gupta.

In fact, to avoid any financial complications and investor’s bias, Gupta sold his properties to overcome the liquidity crunch and became a sole proprietor. Finally, in 2014, the platform M Learning attained stability. Thereafter the platform has opened doors to effective learning solution to schools, students, and individuals across India. Right from class IX to XII (CBSE & State Board) NTSE, IIT-JEE & AIMPT, they provide interactive virtual class sessions to effectively improve the process of learning. Additionally, the company provides complete printed study material along with the video lectures. This study material is simple and effectively designed, in a way that the student can understand the concepts much better than any other study material out there in the market.

The Platform to Excellence

The benefit of the product – M Learning is immense, as it includes the comfort and convinces of studying anywhere, anytime for the student. Gupta enthusiastically says “The student can play, pause and replay the video as per requirement. No holidays, no missing lectures, everyone is a front row student. Parents can look at Ward's studies with better results. Also, students can synchronize with their school studies. Dummy schools will go out of trend and one can prepare the students for competitive exams as well.”

The present generation loves technology & gadgets. Understanding this and adding to the enthusiasm of students, Gupta during the early stages of product development, while measuring the accuracy of the product, he fed video lectures of the ‘Wave Optics’ onto six tabs and distributed them among the students of the batch. However, this was the next chapter which Gupta was going to teach in his upcoming classes. The eager student’s who had already studied about wave optics through video lecture were all excited about the class and understood the concept effectively. The students gave feedback saying – ‘It felt like the teacher was teaching us one on one. Where the lecture was very descriptive and was 100 percent efficient when compared to conventional class.’

Alma Mater of the Education

M Learning at present has captured the core essence of learning. And has its customer base across India, and also different parts of the world. Inducing quality learning, the company has carved a niche in this space by partnering with 25 production partners who are engaged in the recording of the video lectures and the production partners is having experience of 10+ years. “These are not professional actors, they are experienced teachers and they have taught the respective topics for more than 50 times in the conventional class rooms,” asserts Gupta.

The video lectures are delivered in such a manner that it elaborates the entire concept effectively, whereby there is no room for doubts to the students. Moreover, the company’s relationship with their production partner is same as the relation between the author and the publisher. Interestingly, the production partners are paid half yearly royalty at a high scale depending upon the sale of the subscriptions.

Changing the perspective in the education space, M Learning follows virtual office culture, where the entire team works under one roof. In addition to this, the company has seen a drastic transformation in the revenue aspect, where they initially had INR 32,000, and as of last financial year, they have grown to INR 72,00,000. Further elaborating on the roadmap and showcasing the pinnacle of excellence, enthusiastically, Gupta says “The future developments, M Learning is all set to launch a ‘Video Streaming Mobile Application’ for the convenience of the student. Also, along with this, we are adding ‘Doubt Discussion Forum’, where the students can interact directly with the mentors. Most important of all, we are continuously innovating in the space, and we are sincerely adding effort to make education more economical & easily accessible to every student across India by fulfilling their dreams and ambition.”

Quote: “M Learning platform is set to provide quality education to the student at a nominal cost and enhances the learning experience of the student by saving their time, energy and money.”

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