Seven Facts about IIT JEE Preparation That Will Make You Think Twice Before Starting

If you are thinking of getting your engineering degree from one of the reputed institutes- IIT, you should be aware that there are numerous obstacles before you can reach your destination. You have to clear IIT JEE with a top score and rank that will make you eligible for admission in one of the IITs. JEE is conducted every year and numerous candidates appear for the exam. For having a good chance to crack the exam, you should have a sound JEE preparation. The exam is conducted in two phases- JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Students have to get a better score in Mains exam to be eligible for giving JEE Advanced. Once students clear JEE Advanced with a top rank, they can choose their desired college and the stream.
But before doing all these things, it is important that students prepare in a most comprehensive manner for the entrance exam.
•It is easier to crack the JEE if you have a strong grip on the basics and you devote equal time to all the subjects.
•You can make a strategy for the JEE preparation so that you can study maximum topics and also have a time to revise them at the end.
•You should also keep doing mock tests so that you will get to know your level of preparation.
•You can also refer previous year question papers for getting an idea of the types of questions asked
There are few facts mentioned below that will make you think twice before you start your preparation for IIT JEE.
Determination and Devotion
JEE preparation is all about determination as you have to decide once and for all that you have to prepare for JEE and appear for the exam. You can either choose self- study or you can join IIT JEE classes for getting guidance from the top subject experts. Self- study needs more concentration and motivation as you do not have regular classes or teachers to push you for JEE preparation. You should opt for JEE only when you think you can devote your 100% to the IIT JEE preparation.
Have to Be away from Social Media
The most important part of JEE preparation is to be away from social media and networking apps. This is a major source of distraction that will ruin your preparation. Even if you go for JEE coaching classes, you should contact your peers only when you have a doubt or you have to discuss the topic. While studying for JEE, it is important to be away from apps and other sources of entertainment from social media.
You Cannot Use Gadgets
Usage of unnecessary gadgets is strictly prohibited during the JEE preparation. Due to advancement in technology, there are numerous varieties of electronic gadgets available in the market. Students at this age are very much interested and prone to addiction to gadgets. This should be avoided if you seriously want to prepare for JEE. You can take the help of technology for taking mock tests, accessing reference materials, taking tips from seniors, etc. But keep the usage limited to that for successful IIT JEE preparation.
Have To Compete Even With Friends
The most disheartening thing about competitive exams is the competition from your friends. IIT JEE is an opportunity to get into the IITs and no one would be behind, even your friends. You have to learn this very early that friends are competitors. You can help each other, clear doubts and study together but you have to keep in mind that you have to compete with your friends at the end. So, be strong and fight with your friends for that coveted seat at IIT.
Can’t Socialize much
Because you have very less time to prepare a huge amount of syllabus for JEE, you can’t waste your time socializing with friends and family. You can meet your friends and other family members to relax after continuously studying for a long time. You have to be harsh and cruel to be away from all the relations and focus solely on the JEE preparation. Even in the IIT classes you should discuss only about the topics and JEE preparation or talk to clear doubts. Talking unnecessarily will only waste your precious time in JEE preparation.
Handle Pressure
When you are preparing for the toughest entrance exam, you should know to handle the pressure. When you make a time table, you have to follow that no matter what. You need to complete the topic on the same day you have decided. And this is not a one day’s work. You have to consistently follow the schedule that will help you complete the JEE preparation on-time. You have to be mentally very strong to handle this pressure.
Study, Eat, Sleep, Repeat
This is a funny but very realistic quote for the students preparing for IIT JEE. When you are preparing for JEE, you need to do only these three things. Along with studying, eating and sleeping are also equally important for JEE aspirants. You should always eat food on-time and sleep for minimum 7- 8 hours for being healthy. You should stick to a routine so that you always feel energetic throughout the day to study well. So, JEE aspirants concentrate only on three things.
IIT JEE preparation is not a piece of cake that it can be taken lightly. The exam preparation is tougher than the JEE itself as students have to work really hard and focus only on the preparation. The above- mentioned points will definitely make you think twice before you start the JEE preparation.

Author Bio :- Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of AskIITians an online coaching platform for IIT JEE, Medical and School Entrance exams. It is his passion and vision to help the engineering and medical aspirants that he along with his co-founder started with this venture. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy.

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