Worth of Wisdom

Anything worth having is not free and everything that is free is either not worth having or somebody had already paid for us. In return to which, we will also pay for somebody. So basically nothing is free.
May be this thought process gave everything its cost.
And so is with “Education”.
Education or Learning is never free since early ages, in fact its cost is believed to be whatever your teacher ask for. And our history witnesses this fact very well.
“Guru Dakshina” a well known term, that today we are all familiar with in the name of “Fees”, is not just a word but a very important page of Indian history in itself.
It was believed that “Education” without offering honorarium to Guru is incomplete. And this fact made honorarium undenied.
Guru Vashishta was the guru of Rama and Laxman. He asked Rama and Laxman to give them protection from the demons who were torturing sages while they were performing rituals. All the sages and gods were at peace knowing that the disturbances caused by these demons are over. This ‘peace of mind’ is the guru dakshina, Rama offered to his guru.
To Sandeepani Muni, Lord Krishna offered his obeisance the Muni’s departed son who had been snatched away by a being named “Panchajanya” that lived under the deep waters in the shape of a conch.
“Dronocharya” the Guru of Kauravas and Pandavas asked them to bring him Drupada bound in chains as an honorarium.
The Guru of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, “ Swami Virjanand” taught him Sanskrit grammer and Vedas written by great Rishis and Munis. In return to which, as an honorarium, he devoted all his life to teach and popularize the works of great Ṛishi’s and spread the message of the Vedas to the common people.
Karna was the Disciple of Parashurama. As Parashurama only taught Brahmins, Karna appeared before him as such. But when Parashurama got to know about the truth of Karna being a Kshatriya, enraged, Parashurama accused Karna of stealing knowledge and laid a curse upon Karna that he would forget all the knowledge required to wield the Brahmastra.
Upon Karna’s pleading, Parashurama relented and modified his curse, saying that the brahamastra had to fail him when he needed it most, while fighting against the equal warrior.
During Kurekshetra war, Parashurama asked for his “Gurudakshina” which was still due. He asked Karna to accept his curse and asked him to die at the hands of Arjuna. Karna accepted his guru’s words and in return the grateful guru, Parashurama blessed Karna with immortal glory and everlasting fame.
In the guidance of Chanakya, Chandra Gupta Maurya became the Chatrapati king of India as Chanakya asked him to be, as an Honorarium.
And then there is a very well known tale of Eklavya, who gave his right hand thumb to his Guru “Dronacharya” as honorarium when he was asked for it.
When we talk about this era, even now we offer Honorarium to our Gurus.
It is just that, the way we offer Honorarium is changed.
Knowledge is the most precious thing that human can ever possess. It is wisdom.
How can be the most precious thing in the world free?

Author: Ambika Goswami – (B. Tech) is Student Counselor, Production Partner at M Learning India and above all a Passionate Writer.

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