About Us

Today's competition either pulls up the toppers or pushes down the not-so-good-graders even more. To bring them to one level and then start the journey towards the apex is what M-learning aims to deliver.

Our success graph is not based on the number of toppers we have given to country but by the abating rate of failed attempts of our students because our growth is proportionate to the satisfaction of the students by the quality education M-learning imparts.

M-learning values the time of every student who spends years to learn to use every second in the exam hall and also understands that not all the aspiring students have the conditions to attend coaching classes and that's why we aim to see M-learning with every aspiring student benefitted by as we deal with Desktops' , Laptops', MacBooks' , and Android Tablet PC , an efficient preparatory tool at the most important point of their careers !!

Through 1500 Hours of Video Lectures

  • We provide the best and complete content of coaching class lectures by the best and renowned teachers loaded on desktops' , Laptops', MacBooks' , and Android Tablet PC .
  • It covers all the theoretical and application oriented concept, supplemented with ample number of numerical problems along with discussion of their solution.
  • It includes study material covering sufficient number of numerical problems and objectives for practice purpose.
  • Complete programming and planning for student preparation for target examination.
  • Develop 100% co-ordination between the school and competitive exam preparation.
  • No need of moving out of home town for competitive exam preparation.
  • Lecture may be replayed any number of time till 100% grasping.