Sanjit Mondal
Sir your English lectures is v.good

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16/5/2019, Thurs, 14:04
Ranbir Barman
Awesome explanation

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16/05/2019, Thur, 11:11
Sumit Dhawan
Agar Duniya ka sabse best coaching channel Hai To Wo m-learning h

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15/05/2019, Wed, 17:12
Shubham Das
Maam very well video

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15/05/2019, Wed, 15:50
Mudassar Tanoli
15/05/2019, Wed, 15:17
Rahul kumar
15/05/2019, Wed, 07:54
14/05/2019, Tue, 21:48
oreo by Nishant
Mam aapki vedio bahut helpful hai.

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14/05/2019, Tue, 15:07
Mukesh Ojha
Great way of explanation...

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13/05/2019, Mon, 22:38


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