jjj Only
M learning can I rely on your study material

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20/03/2019, Wed, 05:24 PM
tarun sah
Mam u are a good teacher ..plz.. keep on teaching..keep on making videos

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20/03/2019, Wed, 05:56 PM
dalvir singh
Mam r u best

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20/03/2019, Wed, 05:39 PM
This is the best channel of India🇮🇳 i realy thankful for this team Thanks everyone Keep the continue

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20/03/2019, Wed, 03:33 PM
prahlad kishore
Brilliant teacher forever Mam your lecture is too good and really helpful

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20/03/2019,Wed, 12:42 PM
uv sa
Very nice Sir ji

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19/03/2019, Tue, 10:33 PM
Nishant Thakre
I know Satyam Bhaiya personally ...I used to ask him some doubts...the approach he makes towards questions is awesome...

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19/03/2019, Tue, 09:16 PM
Heero Guriya
Nice thanks

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19/03/2019, Tue, 04:22 PM
Saumya Singh
Nice video!!

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18/03/2019, Mon, 09:19 PM
Sneha Rani
Helpful video sir🙏

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18/03/2019, Mon, 08:23 PM


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